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NEW ACE Stock Colour in UK

We are now pleased to offer purple ACE solid Dolavs from stock.

NEW Purple ACE

Dolav Innovation

Detectable plastic, Permanently built-in hygiene, Hygienic folding pallet box for food, Easy colour coding with 10 standard colours

Dolav has two new options for its plastic pallet boxes and a new hygienic folding pallet box for food processors. Foreign object detection of Dolav plastic is enabled by magnetic material particles added to Dolav HDPE in production. Built-in hygiene with a mineral, added in manufacture, helps with permanent protection from bacterial contamination for the life of the Dolav. The new hygienic Dolav DFLC, a folding large container (FLC) is designed for the food industry and seen as The Folding Dolav Ace. It can include both of the two new options.


Dolav Israel:

DOLAV Plastic Products was established in Southern Israel in 1976.  We are involved in the production and marketing of large volume, heavy duty pallet boxes.

Known worldwide for solutions to materials handling and storage, DOLAV is one of the leading pallet and pallet boxes manufacturers.

Production specialises in high-density structural foam (HDPE) injection. This unique technology makes it possible to produce plastic box pallets where wall thickness contributes to the strength and stability of the box pallets.

DOLAV has one of the largest injection moulding machines in the world that allows the production of products weighing up to 75kg in one injection.

DOLAV’s production includes automatic welding, robot and welding machinery that offers the capability of customising the standard plastic containers and large volume boxes to meet the customers’ special requests.

Dolav UK:

DOLAV set up its own company in the UK in 2007, based in Watton Norfolk.

Our UK warehouse holds large stocks of DOLAV ACE pallet box in 11 colours. We also stock the Type 800 and Folding ACE (DFLC).  Box colours include Yellow, Brown, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Red, Black, Blue, Green and more recently Pink.

Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet Boxes:

DOLAV ACE is a heavy duty pallet box designed to take abuse.  Its special integral runners and certified hygienic design make it the long-life container of choice in the Food and Recycling industries.

The heavy-duty folding large container (DFLC) is of hygienic design which makes it suitable for clean and secure transport throughout the logistic supply chain.  Customers can buy these in fully solid or perforated versions.

Our sales team always ask what the customer wants before offering a DOLAV solution.  Our knowledge of thousands of profitable applications of DOLAV products is freely available to potential buyers so please check our case studies and call us.

Customers can buy just one DOLAV product (there are no minimum order levels). If you do not find exactly the right dimensions in our standard range of products or you want printing, RFID tags, doors, locks, valves or lids please ask.

DOLAV quality for long service life.

DOLAV Heavy Duty ACE plastic pallet boxes, Watton, Norfolk