Dolav Customer Comments

Dolav Plastic Pallet Box Reviews

Lead Acid Battery Recycling

David Calleja, Recobat, says “Dolav Ace last 3 times longer than others. As a one-piece moulding Dolavs are stronger. On rotate and tip, Dolav runners don’t break. Others do.”

Daniel Jackson, Recycling Lives said, “Dolav boxes have superior design. Dolav fixed runners don’t come off.”

Sergej Kavleiskij, SAR Recycling said, “Our research told us: ‘Dolav Ace is best pallet box for batteries. Meets EA standards, is called the ‘Battery Ace’ and has No leaks or spills.”

James Norman at Sims Metal Management said, “ Dolav Ace because: It is electrically insulated, resistant to battery acid, strong enough for batteries, stackable with lids, tips 180° damage free.”

Meat / Fish

At Quality Foods of Aberdeen, high-tech bacon processors, Keith Rataj said, “With the Dolav Ace strength in the legs and the corners, Dolav has improved an already a very good pallet box. It was not an option to look elsewhere.”

Belfast-based Duncrue Food Processors “We can fully load a 40-foot trailer with 50 full Dolavs pallet boxes stacked two high and stay legal on weight and they stand up well to abuse.” said managing director, Colin Tweedie.

“No need for insulated boxes in our high speed unbroken cool chain,” says Michael Lodahl at Danske Fiskeauktioner (DFA) in Jutland, Denmark. “With the Dolav box we don’t get contaminated insulation.”

North East Ice, Peterhead, delivers fresh ice in Dolavs. Alan Thoirs said, “We found the Dolav Ace stood up best to use. Insulated boxes proved too heavy as much of the handling is manual.”

Smales supply fish and seafood. “The secure runners on the strong and durable Dolav Ace pallet box take the weight of ice when tipped. Dolav delivered immediately another deciding factor,” said Simon Paterson, technical manager.

HSF Logistics handles ten percent of UK meat market. Simon Frederiks said, “The Dolav Ace is the only pallet box which meets our performance standards and the increased hygiene demands of our key European customers.”

Animal Bi-Products

Bristol-based Chew Valley Hide & Skin Company uses bespoke plastic pallet boxes, “With the density of the plastic, they stand up well and we can repair them. They serve us very well,” said director, Lindsay Dury.

At Mosley Waste Management, Simon Mosley says. “A Dolav Ace lasts for years. When away from us, the product has got to be able to stand up to bad handling. The Dolav Ace does. That’s also why we use them,” he concluded.

Stafford Bye Products (SBP) manager, Richard Smit   h, said, “We wanted the one-piece moulding Dolav so the runners don’t break off. They are durable, cleanable and hygienic and last a long time.”(SBP is a Division of Shropshire Wholesale Meat Company)

Fruit & Veg

Peake Fruit, MD, Robert Rendall, said, “We’ve had Dolavs for more than thirty years and they are still going strong. That’s fantastic. It is a good investment to buy more as their long service life is a big factor. We know they last.”

Brophy Produce in Ireland, supplies white cabbage for coleslaw in Dolavs “They are very durable. Our produce comes out in good condition. Our Dolavs scrub up well, with a pressure hose they come up as good as new,” he said.

Bennett Potatoes. Ian Bennett, said: “The Dolavs give a high-care security edge because they are plastic and are easy to clean. We use a high-pressure wash. We have our own unique colour branding for traceability and identification.”

At Plantsman fruit cooperative, Carmella Meyer said, “Ease of handling Dolavs allows our growers to use them. That’s brilliant. We can stack Dolavs higher and more safely than wood and Dolavs are recyclable which is better than wood.”

At KFF Potatoes, Richard Phillips said: “We chose Dolav because they suit our customers and they fit their process and their Clean and Hygienic Dolav machinery. Dolavs are recyclable. They are durable and will take the knocks.”

Newmafruit handles Salvatori’s Dolavs. Ken Ellis, with Newmafruit for 41 years, said “The Dolavs last far better than wood and even after 25 years most Dolavs are in good condition and have been in daily use since 1990.”

Rodanto’s MD, Trevor Shulton, said, “We chose KitBins because they give we us an economically viable load. We have used the same Kitbins for four years. For broccoli and melons the KitBin is a saviour for us.”

Materials Handling

At Keeble Daniel Keeble said, “For paper recycling, we changed to plastic Dolavs as they don’t need welding or repainting and are easy to wash clean and we a long life from them. Ours have a perforated base for drainage.”

At Future Biogas, Jon Myhill said, “Dolavs have stood up to carrying 700 kilos of stone bags. The boxes are very tough. We throw bags of stones into them and also push them round to get them in position and we have had no failures.”